The K9 mini digger ditch witch trencher chain is set up with cup teeth frost formation (this means more teeth on the chain). The cup teeth have tungsten impregnated hard facing and will shift most soil types easily.  Also available is different chain configurations optional for hard soil / rock types.

The mini digger can trench in widths of 100mm up to 300mm wide and up to 900mm deep. Due to the unique width of 1050mm, the K9 mini digger has the ability to trench against a wall or fence, where a bigger JCB can't trench.

With the K9 mini digger we can do trenching for electrical and water reticulation, irrigation, network cables to service providers in gated complexes and developments.

The K9 mini digger can also cut around large tree roots so that the tree can be removed to replanted with ease.