Advantages of using a K9 Mini Digger

*  Replace costly hand labour 

*  Improves productivity
*  Cost savings
*  Transportable on a trailet with diferent attatchments. 
*  Loading of rubble and builing material in dumping bins and mini loads
Umumbi Worx ,Gauteng are a contracting business that will render fast, effective and professional efficient
mechanical digging trenching, drilling site cleaning etc. to requierments:
*  The construction industry, builders,site levelling,site cleaning 
*  Trenching for  water ,electrical ,plumbing service providers and network contractors 
*  Landscaping, trenching of koi ponds and garden industry
* Trenching of Raft foundations 

*  Drilling of holes for steel and concrete palisades and to plant trees.

*  Directional drilling under payving and under road drilling.

*  General  work to all tasks to private individuals  
The design has been continuosly upgraded over the last 18 years using the latest technology
to give the k9 mini digger the most powerful and reliable digger in its class.
K9 mini digger uses a unique dual pump technology linked to a flow devider system to 
distribute the maximum power where the K9 mini digger perform with deference attatchments,
to do the job as needed.
The mini digger K9 is so unique in configuration it makes it possible to perform work with diferent 
attatchments to fit on the K9 mini digger and attatchments can replace in 4 to 5 min to do the job 
as needed.
The K9 will go through small gates from 850 mm with narrow wheels as requiered   up to 1100 mm  
with standard wheels and will go through small gates that many other masjines will never  
attempt to go through.
The K9 mini digger is only 920 kg, which is not adversely in landscaping and trenching for irrigation  
Heavier masjines like JCB and mini excavators will destroy lawns and features, poly traks fitted on
mini diggers will further reduce damage to landscaping and features.
K9 Mini digger is powered by a 27 hp yanmar diesel engine, with two hydraulic pumps producing  
235 Bar (3400psi) with pump output of 47 l/min.