The K9 mini digger ditch witch trencher chain is set up with cup teeth frost formation (this means more teeth on the chain). The cup teeth have tungsten impregnated hard facing and will shift most soil types easily.  Also availabl

The K9 mini digger can be fitted with 2 different buckets. Firstly the standard bucket, that can be used for rubble removal and site cleaning. Then there is te 4 in 1 bucket allows you to load a taller truck than the other buckets. This b

Using your raft foundation designs our K9 ditch witch mini digger trencher can trench raft foundations in compacted soil to your specific requirements. This will include trenches from 100 up to 300mm wide, with a depth of up to 800mm t

Advantages of using a K9 Mini Digger *  Replace costly hand labour  *  Improves productivity *  Cost savings *  Transportable on a trailet with diferent attatchments.  *  Loading o

. K9 MINI DIGGER POST DRIVE HOLE DRILLER , AUGERS The Post hole digger can handle augers from 100mm up to 460mm in diameter and dig a standard depth of 1,2m up to a depth of 2.0m with the extensions.  &

Engine :     Yanmar (Diesel) Hydraulics : Hydraulic Pumps................... 2 Pump Size............................. 11cc & 4cc  Hydraulic Relief Pressure..... 3400psi / 234 bar Hydraulic Pu

Using your raft foundation designs our K9 ditch witch mini digger can drill piling holes using our versatile range of auger drills. Piling holes can be drilled on pile foundations up to a depth of 2 meters.  

 We offer the following specialized under road directional drilling services: 1 up to 4 x 110mm sleeves / 1 up to 2 x 160mm sleeves / also contact us for any single pipe drilling from 200mm diameter up to 315mm diameter pipe.